We discovered advocacy as a major tool in our work, seeing that the work to be done in the field of family breakdown prevention, child protection and family strengthening is almost overwhelming.
PFS advocates for effective policies and resource commitments among stakeholders through the child protection, human rights and development communities.

Our team is working to better influence issues, legislation, appropriations, and public policy by increasing awareness and engaging with policymakers, key constituencies, and other policy influencers.

Attempting to use evidence-based advocacy, we leverage our unique passion as a CSO with solutions that are innovative, need-driven, scalable, cost-effective, and based on best practices to influence and inform public policy decisions.

We draw on the expertise of partners to push the agenda for the welfare of children as we empower families to care for them.

Our 10-Stage Advocacy Strategy

  1. We identify and analyze the problems we are trying to solve
  2. We fill the gaps in evidence and policy around the issues
  3. We select our advocacy priorities
  4. We set our advocacy goal and objectives
  5. We identify and research our targets
  6. We identify allies and opponents among our target audience
  7. We map power and influence across our target audience
  8. We draft appropriate key messages
  9. We set up the required activities
  10. We monitor, evaluate and apply our learnings from the process to enhance our advocacy and work

Other Advocacy Activities

Engagement Workshops

Through our Engagement Workshops, we don’t just share knowledge and best practice but use the discussions as a platform to bring on board partners.

Grassroots Advocacy

We engage local leaders and community members in finding cost-effective and sustainable solutions to challenging cultural practices, family conflicts and community child protection system issues.

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